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Ahsoka Tano Nominated in Hasbro’s Vintage Collection Poll

Time to cast your votes for the next 3.75-inch Star Wars Vintage Collection figure!

Over the past few years, acclaimed toy manufacturer Hasbro has called on Star Wars fans to help them decide which characters should be added to their ever-growing collection of action figures. This year, Ahsoka Tano is one of six finalists in Hasbro’s latest Fan Figure Vote (Update: poll is now closed).

Previous winners of the Fan Figure Vote include Star Wars Rebels’ resident Mandalorian bad-ass Sabine Wren, the immensely popular Knights of the Old Republic character Darth Revan, and Legends fan favourite Jaina Solo.

The winner of this year’s poll will be crafted into a 3.75-inch figure and released as part of Hasbro’s Vintage Collection line. This year’s lucky finalists are:

  • Ahsoka Tano (Star Wars Rebels version);
  • Doctor Aphra (best known from Marvel’s Darth Vader and Aphra comics series and my top choice to win);
  • ARC Trooper Fives (The Clone Wars);
  • Sim Aloo (an advisor to Palpatine, first seen in Return of the Jedi);
  • Saelt-Marae (aka Yak-Face, first seen in Return of the Jedi); and
  • Emperor Palpatine (who needs no introduction).

The six finalists of this year's Hasbro Fan Figure

You can cast your votes over at StarWars.Com up until 12pm PT (7pm GMT) on May 2, 2017 and the winner will be announced on May 4.

Update: Dr. Aphra was the winner of this year’s poll. Admittedly, I’m quite happy with this result as I’m an Aphra fan (she’d look great next to my Darth Vader figure).

But if you’re disappointed with the result, fear not. Hasbro has created figures for the runners-up in the past (e.g. Sabine Wren), so we may still get that Rebels Ahsoka figure. ^_^

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