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Ashley Eckstein & Matt Lanter Are Back in the Studio… But What Are They Recording?

Ashley Eckstein and Matt Lanter are reunited once more... but what mystery project are they working on?

Everyone hates Mondays, right? Well, not if you’re sharing a studio with Timeless star and Clone Wars veteran Matt Lanter.

Ashley Eckstein gave Star Wars fans some much-needed cheer this Monday by sharing a photo of her and her old co-star in a recording studio, adding “How can your Monday be UGH when you get to record with Matt Lanter in your Matt Lanter shirt???”

But the real question we should be asking is: What are they recording?

(Updated on June 27: Ashley confirmed that it was for Forces of Destiny)


Eckstein and Lanter haven’t dropped any hints about their latest project, which has fueled all sorts of speculation on social media.

Could they be working on some dialogue for Star Wars: Battlefront II? Are they just recording some additional scenes for the upcoming Forces of Destiny micro-series? Or is this for a brand-new project that hasn’t been announced yet? Could we finally be getting that Siege of Mandalore feature we’ve been yearning for?

There hasn’t been any confirmation that either Anakin or Ahsoka will be appearing in EA’s hotly anticipated game, and a Siege of Mandalore feature-length film would almost be too good to be true. So, it’s far more likely that this recording session is indeed for the Forces of Destiny series, which will debut on Disney’s Youtube channel in July.

Ahsoka and Anakin as seen in an early animatic sequence for Star Wars: Forces of Destiny

Ahsoka and Anakin as seen in an early animatic sequence for Star Wars: Forces of Destiny

While it seems a bit late in the day to be recording material for Forces of Destiny, Lanter and Eckstein could be recording dialogue for a future episode (perhaps a second season is in the works) or are simply re-recording some lines.

In fact, the only real indication that this recording session may have something to do with the upcoming micro-series comes from this tweet (and this one) from Forces of Destiny writer, Jennifer Muro.

Whatever the project, I’m just immensely happy to see Snips and Skyguy together again and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.


Update: Artist Melissa Thomas (aka MeltyArtz) delivered on her promise to draw Matt and Ashley as their Clone Wars counterparts. Ugh, sand…

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