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Team Ahsoka Talks Far Far Away with the Brick City Blockade Podcast Network

Talking about that galaxy far, far away with Robin Vogt of the Brick City Blockade Podcast Network

Anyone who knows me personally will know that I’ve never been one for public speaking. I can wax lyrical about Star Wars on social media, but ask me to share my views with an actual audience and I’ll just clam up. There’s always that underlying fear that I’ll misquote something, get a fact wrong, or simply put my foot in it.

Nevertheless, I recently decided to throw caution to the wind and take my first step into the world of podcasting.

Brick City Blockade Podcast Network host Robin Vogt invited me on his show, Talkin’ Far Far Away, to share some of my thoughts on Ahsoka Tano, Star Wars, and the nature of fandom.**


I’d like to thank Robin for taking the time to chat with me and thank Christopher Leddy for organizing this and sending me that Ahsoka Tano Black Series figure for review. It’s been a pleasure working with them.

The Brick City Blockade Podcast Network is home to some of the friendliest, most positive Star Wars fans out there, so feel free to subscribe to their podcast or follow any of the team on social media. And do check out their interview with Ahsoka Tano cosplayer, JediManda!

**Parts of the recording were edited for time and content, so a few segments don’t flow as naturally as they should. There’s one obvious edit during my discussion of fandom drama, just after I mention Rian Johnson and Ron Howard. The “worst film ever” comment referred to the upcoming Han Solo, specifically the fan reaction to the announcement that directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller had been replaced. The context of that comment was lost during the editing process and may cause some confusion. ;-)

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